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TQRTM - News Update

In May 2017, AWTA Product Testing acquired TQRTM laboratories.

Adam Walters of TQRTM has consulted with AWTA up until 10 August 2018, to assist with the transition and make this as seamless as possible for the clients and also the AWTA team.

Adam has accomplished this goal with TQRTM/AWTA and is now moving on to pursue his career as a health care professional.

AWTA Product Testing remains committed to the TQRTM brand and tier of testing that offers a sharp price and quick turnaround time. We look forward to continuing to be of service to the TQRTM clients.

For assistance, please contact TQRTM / AWTA on:

General Office:

9371 2400 or producttesting@awta.com.au

Client Managers/Technologists:

Chris Campbell:

93712424 or chris.campbell@awta.com.au

Fiona McDonald:

93712423 or fiona.mcdonald@awta.com.au

Sean Bassett:

93712421 or sean.bassett@awta.com.au