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New Fire Testing Coming Soon - for AS1530.1

Following the findings of the Victorian Cladding Taskforce, the Victorian Government has announced a $600 million package to assist with the removal and replacement of flammable cladding in Victoria.

The Victorian government is seeking half of this amount from the federal government, however this has been deemed a state issue and the $300 million shortfall will be made up by higher levies on new buildings.

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The 2019 issue of the National Construction Code calls for non-combustible building elements to be used for certain types of buildings. These building elements include but may not be limited to:

  1. External and common walls and their componentry
  2. Flooring and floor framing of lift pits
  3. Non-load bearing internal walls for which there is a fire-resisting requirement
  4. Load bearing internal walls, fire walls and shafts

Non-combustibility is determined by testing in accordance with AS1530.1, methods of testing on building material, components/structures and combustibility tests for materials.

AWTA Product Testing is currently commissioning and preparing for NATA accreditation of the AS1530.1 test.

The laboratory is offering non-accredited development or guidance testing at a discounted rate pre-accreditation. This service may be used as a means of screening prior to investing in more expensive testing or for directly comparing products during product development.


1 specimen: Guidance testing rate - $925.00 GST exclusive

5 specimen: Guidance testing rate - $2,750.00 GST exclusive

Specimen requirement:

Specimens are to be cylindrical with a diameter of 45mm (+0 or -2mm), a height of 50mm (+ or - 3mm) and a volume of 80cm3 (+ or - 5cm3). Anticipated lead time for the guidance testing service is 2-3 weeks.

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