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Information Sheets

AWTA Product Testing has developed a broad range of information sheets, fact sheets and technical summaries to guide you through your Product Testing needs.

Building Sector

Flammability Testing - Building Materials

Cone Calorimeter Testing - AS/NZS 3837                                   (Sample Submission Form)
Early Fire Hazard Properties - AS/NZS 1530.3                            (Sample Submission Form)
AS/NZS 4254 - Duct Testing
Critical Radiant Flux - AS ISO 9239.1 AUS (Sample Submission Form)
Critical Heat Flux - ISO 9239.1 NZ (Sample Submission Form)
Flammability of Materials - AS 1530.2 (Sample Submission Form)

Thermal Insulation

Thermal Insulation Value Testing                            (Sample Submission Form)
Thermal Transmission - ASTM C518 (Sample Submission Form)
Expanded Polystyrene - AS/NZS 4859.1:2018 (Sample Submission Form)
Non Foam - AS/NZS 4859.1:2018 (Sample Submission Form)
Rigid Polyurethane & Polyisocyanurate Foam - AS/NZS 4859.1 (Sample Submission Form)
Thermal Resistance - Low Density Fibre (Sample Submission Form)


Janka Hardness Testing
Slip Testing                                 (Sample Submission Form)
VOC ASTM Hardwood Testing (Sample Submission Form)

Textile Sector

Hi-Visibility & Apparel Safety

Retroreflective Tape - Garments for high risk applications
Retroreflective Tape - Wildland Fire Fighting Ensembles
Retroreflective Tape - Garments for fire service personnel
Retroreflective tape

Children's Garments

Testing of Children's Garments - Day & Nightwear
Children's Nightwear

Carpet Testing

ACCS Grading Packages
VOC ISO Carpet Institute (Sample Submission Form)

Interior Furnishings


Hazardous Substances

VOC ASTM Fabric Testing (Sample Submission Form)

Hospital Products

AAMI PB70 Isolation Gown Testing (Sample Submission Form)


Transport Sector

Automotive - Key Fob Testing

Button & Coin Battery - Testing

Exposure Testing 

Resistance of Webbing to Light (Sample Submission Form)

Flammability Testing - Transport Materials

Vertical Flammability - 12 Second Ignition (Sample Submission Form)
Vertical Flammability – 60 Second Ignition (Sample Submission Form)