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Scaffold cladding - Is your Product fire safe?

Warp knit Textiles are frequently used by the building and construction trade as a cladding system for scaffolding during construction. Some of this work includes the rectification of recently audited buildings that were found to be using flammable cladding systems needing to be replaced.
Currently AS 1530.2 is used to measure the fire performance properties of these textiles, a test which can be offered by AWTA Product Testing.
The laboratory can also assist with the measurement of strength loss performance by means of accelerated weathering. Baseline testing can be offered to measure critical performance parameters followed by testing after accelerated weathering exposure to then determine any strength loss. This assists in determining likely end of life performance criteria.
A benefit in testing ensures compliance, brings peace of mind to the textile supplier and the construction community alike. Ensuring compliance gives an edge in this competitive market
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