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Topic of the Month - Pilling Resistance

The formation of pills on textiles is generally one of the highest causes of customer complaints and returns.

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Combustible cladding fears after fire spreads up Melbourne apartment complex

Hundreds of residents of an inner-city apartment building in Melbourne have been evacuated after fire broke out inside an apartment this morning.

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AWTA Product Testing & TQRTM Textile Testing Tiers Explained

AWTA Product Testing and TQRTM have joined forces to offer Textile industry clients choice in selecting the most suitable testing tier option for their business and end use application.

The laboratory offers accredited (NATA) and the TQRTM quick turnaround service to fulfil the specific needs of our clients.

NATA Testing

The National Association of Testing Authorities (NATA) has accredited and regularly audits AWTA to ensure independent assurance of technical competence. AWTA can issue reports with the NATA emblem giving clients the confidence that a high level of precision and expertise has been applied to the testing methodology reported.

 As our NATA testing service is required to follow specified pre-conditioning and sampling procedures, the process is generally a little more expensive, requiring more time.

NATA link: https://www.nata.com.au/accredited-facility

TQRTM Testing

TQRTM may be seen to be an accurate, but abridged alternative to NATA testing. Pre-conditioning may be forgone unless deemed necessary and fewer replicate specimens tested. In many instances, this is in no way dilutes the integrity of the results and the outcome is a quicker more cost effective service.

Why should I ask for NATA Testing?

NATA accredited test reports may be essential and even demanded by the end user depending upon the intended destination and use of the textile. NATA testing is recommended for the following:

  • Government tenders - for example defence or healthcare
  • Where compliance to a specific standard is sought
  • When testing according to mandatory standards
  • Where conformance to the National Construction Code (NCC) is sought
  • The outcome of the testing may be used in litigation

What about TQRTM testing?

The TQRTM testing tier offers a number of benefits where the application is not quite as critical but time and money are:

  • Lower cost
  • Quicker testing times
  • Good for product development
  • Perfect for the fashion industry
  • Quality control or batch testing

Please contact our Technology Team for more information and to help you select the most suitable tier for your business. The team is also available for your technical support providing more than just a test report.

For More Information:

Please contact us to discuss your testing requirements on: PH: 03 9371 2400 or Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Fire risk: Combustible cladding to be removed from 13 state schools

Flammable cladding will be stripped from 13 government schools in Victoria after being found in a statewide building audit spurred by a major fire at a Docklands tower in 2014.

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Scaffold cladding - Is your Product fire safe?

Warp knit Textiles are frequently used by the building and construction trade as a cladding system for scaffolding during construction. Some of this work includes the rectification of recently audited buildings that were found to be using flammable cladding systems needing to be replaced.

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