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Azo Dye Testing

With the media voicing major concerns about the probable adverse effects of Azo Dyes in textiles, AWTA Product Testing is able to provide competitive pricing and a rapid lead time for assessing goods.

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Washing Wool Made Easy

In nature, wool survives the toughest tests. And then, The Woolmark Company tests it again. And so, the latest campaign to be launched by The Woolmark Company is washable wool, with the tagline Tested by Nature; Tested by us. 

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NATA News - Thermal Conductivity Testing

AWTA Product Testing is an internationally recognised and totally independent materials testing laboratory located in Melbourne. The facility possesses ISO9001 Quality Management Systems certification and is accredited by NATA to ISO17025 in 3 Fields of Accreditation, 12 Test-class Types and 28 Test-class Sub-types.

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Exercise Clothing has more to it than meets the eye

A Current Affair blind-tests Exercise Garments at AWTA Product Testing.

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Textile Testing Services

AWTA Product Testing provides a local, totally independent and confidential textile testing service. The Laboratory is NATA accredited to ISO/IEC 17025.

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