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Janka Hardness test - a measure of the Hardness of wood

Evaluating properties of Wood-based Fibre & Particle Panel materials

Damage caused by stiletto type heels or even fine legged furniture, can be a significant concern for consumers of high cost products such as flooring in both residential and commercial premises.

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Testing of Children’s Garments - both Nightwear & Daywear

In Australia, other than the general requirement for care labelling of textiles, the only mandated requirement specifically for Children’s apparel is for Children’s nightwear and limited daywear.  

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Hospital & Healthcare Barrier Testing of Protective Wear - PPE Testing

Hospital and Healthcare Testing - Barrier testing of textiles.

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Automotive - Testing Capability Statement

Automotive Testing Statement & Summary

Automotive - Interiors:

  • Physical and colourfastness performance of textile seating and trim materials in accordance with the performance requirements and test methods of vehicle manufactures e.g. Toyota, Nissan, Ford and also Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) methods.
  • Testing for the presence of Substances of Concern such as heavy metals within interior components.
  • Measurement of the tendency of interior components to produce a haze onto glass surfaces or to exude deposit that may be quantified onto aluminium foil. This is commonly referred to as “fogging” and is conducted in conditions that simulate those which may occur in the interior of a vehicle.
  • Accelerated weathering of interior components to assess resistance to UV light and the build-up of heat and humidity within a vehicle interior.
  • Chemical resistance of automotive interiors to common cleaning agents and potential exposure to substances such as fuel that may inadvertently make contact.
  • Flammability performance of interior textiles in accordance with the manufacturers specification
  • Flammability performance of webbings and harnesses to satisfy the FIA 8853 code.

Automotive - Exterior and Aftermarket Hardware:

  • Accelerated weathering of external components measuring the resistance of items to UV light, humidity and environmental cycling.
  • Dimensional stability of components or partially assembled vehicle sections against the effects of environmental cycling.
  • Assessment of paints and coatings and substrates for their resistance to the environment including that of stone chip and corrosion resistance.
  • Chemical resistance of paints, coatings and components such as moulded housings when contact occurs with automotive fuels, oils, fluids, acids and alkalis and commonly used products such as tar removers, window cleaner and many others.

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PPE Testing – Hospital & Healthcare Protective Clothing

Do you require Healthcare Textile testing according to ANSI/AAMI PB70:2012?

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